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Stark Skincare is a brand that is obsessively natural, simple without being boring, luxurious without being over the top, and made specifically for the needs of a city-dweller’s skin. Adult acne, eczema, "premature" aging, dry patches, oily sure can be crazy. Did our ancestors have these problems? Ever wonder what pollution, stress, late nights, lack of fresh air and fresh food, and artificial heating and air-conditioning are doing to your face? Stark uses plant-derived oils, butters, clays, and extracts to provide effective yet gentle solutions for city-ravaged skin. With a bounty of naturally occurring antioxidants, protective barriers, soothing botanicals, and naturally exfoliating extracts, Stark delivers a tonne of value with top-notch, long-lasting products your skin will simply adore.

Stark uses only carefully selected natural, raw, and organic ingredients that are pure enough to eat! Handmade in small batches in Montreal.