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Katharine L'Heureux began her search for the perfect skin care regimen at the age of 12 while rummaging through her mother's cluttered bathroom cabinet. Her search ended in 2007 on a journey to Morocco that led to the creation of Kahina Giving Beauty, her certified natural and organic skin care line intended for women looking for a simple and effective skin care program without harmful ingredients. Kahina, based on certified organic argan oil sourced from the women's cooperatives of Morocco, aims to connect women through shared beauty rituals by donating a percentage of profits to the Berber women who extract the argan oil at the heart of the line. Kahina Giving Beauty sources the highest quality argan oil and complements it with other beneficial organic and natural ingredients. 

Certified by Ecocert, the products are formulated according to guidelines that guarantee the highest measure of responsibility toward consumers and the environment. Kahina's outer packaging is created from 100 percent recycled materials and its bottles are made from recyclable violet glass.