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Paige Dzenis is the associate online editor for FASHION Magazine, where she covers all things beauty, the latest wardrobe choices of Kate Middleton, parties and fundraisers across Toronto, and other pop culture moments. Paige also paints her nails on a weekly (if not more frequent!) basis, inspiring the creation of FASHION’s Nail Corner column, which features designer and trend-inspired nail art designs.

Paige recently picked her favourite buys from the Fresh Faced collection.

Priti NYC Polish:
"It's rare that I'm ever not wearing polish, so Priti NYC's non-toxic, 3-free formula makes me feel much better about keeping my nails lacquered for days/weeks/months on end."

skinnyskinny Rosemary Mint Organic Foot Scrub:
"I love products that are both completely indulgent and totally effective, and skinnyskinny's foot scrub fits the bill. It softens skin, sloughs off any roughness, smells amazing, and leaves my feet (and hands!) feeling like they've spent a day at the spa—when really it only takes a few minutes to use." 

Soapwalla Lavender & Eucalyptus Organic Hand & Body Wash:
"I keep this next to my sink and actually wash my hands more than necessary just to catch a whiff of the lavender eucalyptus scent. (If it wasn't obvious by now, when something smells delicious, I will use it frequently.)" 

skinnyskinny Organic Dry Shampoo in Lavender & Rosemary:
"I am a dry shampoo addict—there's nothing better than sleeping an extra 20 minutes instead of washing and blowdrying your hair. Even better, the lavender rosemary scent of skinnyskinny's dry shampoo is a delightful start to the day!"

Kahina Giving Beauty Toning Mist:
"Winter air is not my friend, but Kahina's toning mist always soothes the tight, dry feeling that seems to linger on my skin all season long. Whether it's a spray before I put on my makeup, a spritz after I wash my face at night, or a quick mist throughout the day to refresh, it does the trick every time."

One Love Organics Skin Savior Beauty Balm:
"I feel pretty confident saying this beauty balm has an endless number of uses: I've tried it as a makeup remover, a cleanser, and a moisturizer—and also used it to do all these things at once! Does One Love Organics know they've created the ultimate lazy girl beauty product?"