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When Kate O'Brien started Alima Pure in 2004, she didn't know that mineral makeup would grow from a cottage industry to a multibillion-dollar business in five years. She knew that her daughter was approaching the age at which Kate had promised she could wear makeup, and that the more she learned about ingredients commonly used in conventional cosmetics, the more she did not like the idea of having her daughter putting toxins and irritants on her skin.

As an artist, Kate was expert at colour and pigmentation. She set out to make a line of completely safe, 100 percent pure mineral pigment makeup so beautiful that her daughter would never miss or desire conventional cosmetics (and succeeded beyond her wildest dreams.) 

Alima Pure products are never tested on animals. The truth is that there's no need, because the company uses pure cosmetic-grade mineral pigments that are safe and gentle. It's that simple. And Alima mineral makeup has BDIH natural cosmetics certification, a highly coveted German certification for natural cosmetics.