There’s nothing like waking up after an amazing night’s sleep. You feel fresh, energized and relaxed. There’s always a lot of focus that goes into looking good after we wake up, but sometimes we forget how large of an impact our sleep plays in looking and feeling great. Sleeping well can also play a huge role in relieving stress. It helps us to take on a new, and more positive perspective on life!

Perfect Pillow

Everyone sleeps differently, and you need to make sure to buy a pillow that suits the way you sleep! The most common sleeping style is sleeping on your side, but it is also common for people to sleep on their stomach or back. Some sleep with a mixture of these styles! If you’re a back or side sleeper, you will be more comfortable if you purchase a firmer pillow that gives spine support. A stomach sleeper requires a flatter pillow, so the spine is not under any stresses. Waking up with a sore neck is never pleasant, so make sure you buy a pillow that’s right for you!


Many Mattresses

There are so many different styles of mattresses that you can buy! Memory foam, firm, soft, even water mattresses! However, if you have back problems, you might want to give the water bed a pass! It’s important to get enough back support, so you will feel more comfortable if you buy a firmer mattress. However, it’s hard to find a mattress that’s the perfect mixture of firm and soft. Everyone’s tastes are different, so if you’re in doubt about the “perfect” mattress, definitely shop around and go into stores to try them out.



Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are crucial! Many people are allergic or sensitive to dust mites, mould and other household allergens, so we need to protect ourselves and our mattress from them. Not all mattress protectors are comfortable to sleep on. Some can get too hot,or be noisy and stiff. One good suggestion is the Sureguard Mattress Protector, which is breathable, so it won’t become too hot. It also protects against common allergens. This protector comes in a regular size, and a size for children, so we can protect the most sensitive members of our families. Protect your mattress, and your health!

Remember to Relax

Lastly, it’s important to set the right atmosphere before you go to sleep. Some find that drinking tea can help with this, or reading a book. Try not to exercise or do anything stressful too close to going to sleep. It’s much easier to fall asleep when you’ve de-stressed and relaxed.




Fixing how you sleep is an important way to feel healthier, more confident, and to preserve your appearance. Wake up refreshed every day and ready to handle any challenges! Picking the right pillow, mattress and mattress protector can guide you on your journey into dreamland. With these suggestions, you can feel even better when you wake up, knowing that you are doing your best to maximize your rest!

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