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About me

Since I have always been interested in beauty products, I decided to take a proactive role and share my knowledge with anyone who needs a practical advice on makeup and cosmetics. The abundance of options in the market can be overwhelming, and people often need someone to guide them in the right direction. My passion and enthusiasm are not hard to see, and they are attracting visitors to this website. Also, I have vast experience in dealing with a plethora of skin care products, and all of these facts are allowing me to offer you verified and reliable piece of advice.

Things That I Write About

My interests in fashion, beauty, and health are comprehensive and universal, which means that I enjoy reading and learning about all sorts of stuff. However, here are the areas which fascinate me the most:



Natural and efficient cosmetic is something that every modern woman needs, and I enjoy making reviews about different products and items.



Proper makeup techniques and adequate preparation are equally important as the quality of the makeup itself, and that is why I focus on both of these aspects when writing.

Skin Care


Taking good care of your skin is a must, and the best way to achieve this goal is by using high-quality skin care products and applying the appropriate protective methods.

Body Care Products


Aside from our face, we need to take care of the rest of our body, and that is why I frequently write about all sorts of soaps, body gels, creams, and so on.

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Easy Steps For Maximizing Your Beauty

Over the years of being in the cosmetic industry, I have learned a lot about different methods which can help you stay youthful and radiant. However, it is not always easy for an ordinary customer to pick the right products at the store. When you face yourself in the...

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How To Easily Preserve Your Beauty

Even though beauty products are being advertised on all sides, not all of them will offer the same level of quality. In other words, some of them are better than others, and that is why I try as much as possible to present you with only the best products on the...

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Custom Sample Program

Fresh Faced is proud to be the first Canadian natural beauty retailer to offer a bespoke sampling program. We know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect lip colour or the right foundation (even at the beauty counter!), and we hope to make the process a little...

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